Two Deep State Fucks Lie to Congress for Six Hours

That is a pretty harsh title describing career public servants who answered the call under oath, to share their deep concerns for the state of our national security, isn’t it? I guess I should tone it down a little by listing all the things I found positive about their testimony.

  1. George Kent was impeccably well-dressed.

Standard disclaimer: I am not a Trump supporter. If someone can beat him fair and square in 2020, more power to ‘em. If not, constitutionally speaking anyway he deserves another term. But I am very much in favor of impeaching Trump, not for Ukrainegate formerly known as Russiagate, but for something real like war crimes. By the same token, I’m in favor of something that can’t happen under the current legal system, prosecuting Obama, W. Bush, and Clinton for the same. All four deserve life sentences for mass murder and after a very public trial, if they wanted to commit suicide Epstein style, that would be a real shame.

Maybe devoted consumers of establishment media could be excused for believing these two gentlemen, to use the term incorrectly, were actually referring to serious, White House corruption that has threatened “our national security interests”, but for anyone taking time to understand the contradictions inherent in the narrative they both skillfully pushed should also see it points to decades-long, wide-spread corruption.

Remember the leaked phone call of Victoria Nuland saying “Fuck the EU”? In 2014, the big story was a US diplomat used a dirty word! The real story was a US diplomat planning to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine and propping up the Azov Battalion in order to do it. This is only one example. This level of misbehavior on the part of the national security establishment is not only so common many take it as a matter of course but it eclipses in its seriousness any corruption Trump may or may not have been up to in that July phone call. Indeed the high station and elite status of these two, or maybe that they have jobs at all, is only one more symptom of the same corruption.

I have no interest whatever, in partisan distractions between the D’s and R’s who occupied the hearing room, especially since unflagging support for the military industrial gravy train is always bi-partisan. I believe scumbags like Taylor and Kent when they say they are non-partisan. They are members of the War party. They are proud of it and say so loud and clear, and as such share a loyalty with 99% of both houses of congress and certainly everyone allowed to ask them questions in front of the camera last Wednesday.

George Kent’s little speech for example, (Congress critters call that an “opening statement”), which he gave under “oath” can be easily reframed as a simple reaffirmation of his loyalty oath to the War party and nothing more.

Kent invoked ideology he believes we should share, throughout his statement and if we take him at his word, ideology is the motivator for the war Kent so strongly favors. Question: In war, what is more important, the ideology for which one fights or the ability to defeat the enemy? If the ideology is more important, then war is a poor means of imposing it since an army in defeat is useless to any agenda, ideological otherwise. Yet for Kent, not to wage that war is to betray his professed ideology. So, what has come of this inherent contradiction in the past five years since the start of that war beyond the nearly 13,000 dead?

Azov Battalion. That’s a NATO flag to the far left of the swastika.
Like Azov, The “Right Sector” is a Neo-Nazi paramilitary group founded after the 2014 NATO-backed coup.

A picture is worth a thousand words. When Kent and Taylor testified that cutting off lethal aid, (which was not actually cut off) and that Obama wisely refused to provide, is a threat to “our national security interests”, these are the guys to which they want to continue supplying guns and brand new fancy rockets. These are the guys Kent compared to the “Minutemen of 1776.”

The ideology of George Kent and William Taylor is war itself, reaping its fruits and nothing more. Thus is the purpose of the Military Industrial Complex. Their aim at the hearings was to not to allow Ukrainian lives get in the way of advancing this agenda and if they can bring down an orange haired political enemy who might threaten their just share of the spoils, all the better.


Watch all six hours and twenty minuets right here

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